Welcome to New Jack City.
Within the scope of this year's International Forum of Contemporary Architecture plan12 we will set up this not-for-profit event as an open stage for visions and concepts for a sustainable future which are going to be presented on the industrial open-air ground and warehouse of JACK IN THE BOX e. V.. Rich in contrast and in a cooperative way, organizations, engineers, scientists, visionaries and enterprises present their various ideas and projects on science and art.

In former times, the "New Jack " was a new positive approach to life for the American black population in order to cope with their social situation at that time. Today, in times of the global village, the multi-cutural society and the approaching unavoidable changes of the society and environment, we take up this positive and constructive philosophy of life to build New Jack City in the heart of Cologne in order to open new horizons for positive sketches of a future worth living.

Within our event week from 21st to 28th of September we will construct New Jack City - a visionary playground, where ideas and concepts can evolve. NJC is a temporary nugget in the center of the city where we create and construct intelligent, environmentally oriented housing concepts and Ideas for a resource based future.

...already, the upcoming social and environmental changes are perceivable. Regarding future perspectives of the next few centuries we have to face many questions. Therefore, we are looking forward to contribute interesting scientific presentations and a symposium, installation art, photo exhibitions and documentaries to this year's International Forum of Contemporary Architecture plan12 dealing with the topic "Scenario of the city worth living – intelligent concepts for mobility, climate protection and design".